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Our philosophy puts people at the core of everything we do –
from supporting creative and entrepreneurial talent, to developing young people's careers and engaging local communities.

Our approach is inter-disciplinary and seeks to build connections between industries, businesses, art forms, and people.
Storytelling, sustainability, and vision are among what we does best.

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our Group Companies

Arts Alliance Ventures has been investing in and building companies since 1996. We’ve been privileged to back over 60 media and tech companies in that time.

A unique organisation, comprising one of Europe's largest film schools as well as an acclaimed film and television production company and a boutique feature film sales company.

A technically advanced film production complex in West London, designed to support the latest production technologies and emerging creatives for decades of future innovation.

A film distribution and sales company specialising in classic film.

Arts Alliance Productions

Arts Alliance Productions is deeply tied to the 25-year history of Arts Alliance. As a production company of eclectic and far-reaching tastes, it has produced everything from travelling performance art pieces to documentaries and event cinema blockbusters.

Based in founder Thomas Hoegh’s own career as a theatre and film director, Arts Alliance Productions is known for bridging the space between live performance and digital technology in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in storytelling.

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